Hello all! 

And welcome to PinPoint Timing.

Here at PinPoint we believe every race deserves the chance to be professionally timed, no matter how big or small.

Our mission is to save each event every dollar possible while still providing everything needed to successfully time your event.

Almost every race out there is a fundraiser of some sort & we want to help you raise as much money as you can to support your cause.

In order to do that we provide accurate, professional & reliable RFID Chip Timing at a fraction of the cost.

Give us a chance to save your event money today. 


Paden Sharpe or Koty Fortenberry

Collinsville, Alabama


Tel: 256-484-7212 (Paden)

       256-557-1466 (Koty)


Email: pinpointpaden@gmail.com​

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